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Sydney Science Trail Secondary Programs

Your ticket to Sydney Science Trail: Education gives your students a full day of STEAM programs - one science show, access to the Sydney Science Trail Expo, and one hands-on workshop or panel discussion.

Click here to download the full program.

There are two days to choose from and each group available offers something a little different. Please read the group you select carefully. The two dates available are:

Program Details

Street Science Show: The Secret Life of Fuels: Past, Present and Future.  

Join Dr Sharon Palit, renowned Science Communicator and experienced Biofuel researcher as she takes you on a journey through the past, present and into the future of fuels, with this highly explosive presentation. Explore energy transformations and combustion reactions live on stage! Dr Shaz will blow minds and educate as she digs deep into the science of fossil fuels, biofuels and provides a glimpse of what the future of energy may look like for us here in Australia.



Bee Hotels presented by Kids Connecting Nature
The Sydney area hosts over 200 amazing native bee species, vital for pollination and ecosystem function. Learn about these amazing pollinators in this engaging presentation and get hands-on in a workshop creating your own bee-hotels for your school. ​

Bush Foods presented by The Royal Botanic Garden
Recent years have seen Australian native foods increase in popularity. In this workshop students will explore different types of plants used and eaten by Aboriginal people including their methods of collection and processing on a tour of the Cadi garden. Students will prepare a simple bush food recipe and have the opportunity to taste a variety of other recipes with bush food ingredients. 



Women in STEM
Hear from the panel of incredible women in STEM, and their individual journeys that have brought them to where they are today. Follow their amazing research over their careers and get inspired by their work. 

Queer in STEM
This panel will share stories of LGTBQIA+ scientist who have successfully established careers in science while being out to their peers.  

“A Day in the Life” 
What does a scientist actually do all day? Meet our panel of scientists and learn about what their jobs involve, how they got there, and what they do in their spare time. 

Talking about STEM 
Meet our panel of scientists and science communicators who are engaging audiences with STEM in new and exciting ways. We'll discuss why they've pursued these careers and how to engage audiences with important messages. 

STEM Startups
Join our panel of scientists and entrepreneurs as they discuss how science and technology is being used in start-ups that are changing the world.  



The Sydney Science Trail Expo

Are you ready to be dazzled by ground-breaking discoveries, immersed in the latest technologies and interacting with real-life scientists for STEAM-based experiments and games? Join us for the Sydney Science Trail Expo, where you can meet our diverse line-up of scientists, research organisations and university teams in one location as we celebrate all things science - and beyond. Uncertain about career options? Perhaps you’re more curious about what the future of science will bring. Learning has never been this much fun! Bring your questions and your imagination, and prepare to be amazed. 

Monday 16 August

Tuesday 17 August