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NAIDOC Week Because of her, we can. Stage 3 - 4

Celebrating this year’s NAIDOC theme “Because of her, we can!”, Students will learn about the vital role Aboriginal women have and still play in the lives of all Australians. Reflect upon the achievements of Aboriginal women in society and engage in a hands-on learning experience in the skill of weaving, traditionally done by Aboriginal women for thousands of years.


Stage 3 and 4 History


45 minutes



Free virtual excursions available on 5, 26 July
Book through our link below.

Excursion key themes:

  • Achievements, experiences and hardships of Aboriginal women in society
  • The role that Aboriginal women have within Aboriginal culture and Australian society and the impacts of these on all
  • Skills and knowledge that have been passed down through generations by Aboriginal women

Students will:

  • Understand the role that Aboriginal women have or might play within their own lives
  • Learn from Aboriginal educators of the contributions that Aboriginal women have made in their lives
  • Have a hands on learning experience with traditional weaving and its uses
  • Learn about significant Aboriginal women and their impacts on society

Stage 3 History
describes and explains the significance of people, groups, places and events to the development of Australia
describes and explains different experiences of people living in Australia over time
applies a variety of skills of historical inquiry and communication

We would like to acknowledge the Cadigal people of the Eora Nation within Sydney and pay our respect to Elders past, present and future.