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11 August, 9am - 2 pm

Living Laboratory

Join us for a huge outdoor event to celebrate the environmental sciences! Explore the Royal Botanic Garden to get hands-on with science experiments, explore behind-the-scenes, visit state-of-the-art science facilities and use scientific equipment!


11 August, 9am - 2 pm


Royal Botanic Garden Sydney


Public transport recommended. Limited parking available
Go o n the Science Safari with Macquarie University science students - 6 hands-on science adventure stations around the Garden. Meet scientists and horticulturalists and find out about the amazing work they do to grow our knowledge of the world we all live in.
Visit the Harbourside Ponds to learn about water-life in fresh-waterways and the harbour. Meet frogs and tadpoles, and dive in with our marine algae botanist to find out all about the amazing world of seaweed.
At the Herbarium, see stunning herbarium specimens from our collection of over 1.2 million plants. Join a botany expedition to learn how our scientists collect specimens and press and 'make and take' your own plant specimen home. There'll be seed experiments and activities and plant specimens on display.
Visit PlantClinic — the Garden’s plant hospital — and peer down microscopes room to get up close to some of the world's smallest and most amazing organisms, 'weird and wonderful' plants, lichens & fungi. Learn about some of the incredible research into the microscopic world of plant disease, and BYO diseased plant to have it diagnosed by one of our experts!
Learn about our local animal species with talks and animal interactions with Australian Wildlife Displays and Sydney Wildlife.
Don't miss out! National Science Week 2018 will be your last chance to visit the Pollination display at the Calyx!


Scientists available for interview
Media opps behind the scenes in laboratories, herbarium both before and on the event day. Science Communication Officer: Vanessa Fuchs,, 9231 8016

This project received Grant funding from the Australian Government.