Created by The Red Room Company, NEW SHOOTS, is a poetic partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Sydney Olympic Park and Bundanon Trust. The project celebrates and cultivates poems inspired by plants and place.

Plant every single thing you never really understood
And watch it become a tree...

Mark Tredinnick, New Shoots commissioned poet

Coinciding with our 200th Birthday, poets Mark Tredinnick, Eileen Chong and Eric Avery have been commissioned to create a series of "poetic pathways".

From the pulped pages of our favourite books to the emergence of eco-poetics, plants and poems have long been entwined. Follow the poetic pathways through the Garden to find twelve site specific poems by our three poets-in-residence; Eric Avery, Eileen Chong and Mark Treddenick. Click here to see poetic pathways.

To continue growing the poetic garden, a NEW SHOOTS interactive platform is being developed to nurture botanical poems. Creative learning resources will also support ongoing poetic workshops at the Garden.