New Shoots

Created by Red Room Poetry, in partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, New Shoots celebrates and cultivates poems inspired by plants and place. A series of poetic walking tours with Sydney Writers’ Festival and The Planthunter launched New Shoots in conjunction with 200th birthday celebrations of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. Audiences are invited to continue growing the 'garden of poems' by sharing their work via this site.

Poems inspired by plants and place

  Poems inspired by plants and place

New Shoots commissioned award-winning poets Mark Tredinnick, Eileen Chong and Eric Avery to create “poetic pathways” that map the Garden.


Please note that the map points are approximations. 


New Shoots workshops, learning resources, events and anthologies also support ongoing poetic activities at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and other Gardens nationally.


New Shoots Poetry Anthology

New Shoots Poetry Anthology

The New Shoots Poetry Anthology collects a garden of poems that has rambled and blossomed since first being planted in 2016.


To commemorate the poets and the plants, fields and forests that inspired them, the New Shoots Poetry Anthology gathers 163 poems from 105 poets. Embedded in the roots of language, the word ‘anthology’ literally means ‘a gathering of flowers’, the first literary usage of the word dating back to late ninth century Greece. In every sense, the New Shoots Anthology can be seen as something of a bouquet, arranged with an assortment of poetic blooms in all colours, moods and shapes.

Share your poetry

Share your poetry

You’re invited to share your plant-inspired poem with us.


To continue growing the poetic garden, a New Shoots interactive platform is being developed to nurture botanical poems. You can contribute your plant-themed poetry to share.

All poetry will appear on this branch of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney website. You will receive an email when your poetry is published.



    Learn more about the New Shoots poets - their biographies, works, and upcoming readings.



    Read and listen to some of the poems along the "poetic pathways" in the Garden.



    Coming Soon

    Creative learning resources will be available to support ongoing poetic workshops, events, and interactive sessions at the Garden.