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Rogério Lupo

Lychnophora mutica sp. nov.

Medium: Graphite

Residence: São Paulo, Brazil

Common Name: Arnica

Legend: a. habit; b. terminal inflorescence; c. leaf, abaxial view detail;

d. leaf, adaxial view; e. capitulum, detail of apex of involucral bract;

f. flower, detail of ovary and pappus; g. ovary, pappus removed, revealing nectary; h. staminal tube split; i. cypsela and pappus; j. internal pappus isolated

Scale: a = 1 cm; b = 3 mm; c - e = 2 mm, details = 0.5mm; f , h, i = 1 mm, f. detail = 0.5 mm; g, j = 0.5 mm

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