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Susana Ferreira de Souza

Lavoisiera imbricata

Medium: Ink

Residence: Brazil

Legend: a. habit; b. leaf, abaxial surface; b’. detail, leaf margin;

c. gynoecium and calyx; d. stigma; e. sepal, adaxial surface; e’. sepal, surface detail and margin; e’’. sepal detail, apical hair; f. petal, adaxial surface; f’. petal, margin detail; g. flower; h. antepetalous stamen;

i. antesepalous stamen;  j. branch showing dehiscent capsule; k, l. capsule with basal dehiscence; m. seed; n. fruit LS; o. fruit CS


To purchase the original artwork, or a copy thereof, please contact the artist directly - artelejos@yahoo.com.br