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Amazing plant-based inventions

Plants are the source of so many amazing inventions, such as aspirin and the contraceptive pill. Explore some new cutting-edge inventions that will make a positive impact on our lives and the environment. 

Soon you might see food packaging made from the nanocellulose found in banana stem waste. Applying sunscreen made from a synthetic organic compound derived from cashew nut shells could also be on horizon. But how?

Hit play below and discover how researchers around the world are combating the plastic pollution problem and our reliance on petroleum based products with these amazing new environmentally friendly inventions made from plants. 

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University of New South Wales (UNSW) researchers are sourcing banana stem waste material from banana plants at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. 
Inside the lab at UNSW, researchers break down the banana stem material to extract nanocelluose. 
The researchers from UNSW are using the nanocelluose to create a variety of biodegradable food packaging prototypes. 
Associate Professor Jayashree Arcot (left) and Professor Martina Stenzel (center) are leading the banana nanocellouse food packaging research at UNSW.
The yellow and red part is known as the cashew apple. Cashew nuts are contained inside the shell below it, which is a waste product. 
Researchers from around the world have created a new synthetic organic compound from cashew nut shells that have UVA and UVB blocking properties. This could be used to create a more environmentally friendly sunscreen in the future.