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Bizarre BEE-haviour
& snotty gobbles

Bees predate the dinosaurs and they've been doing some crazy and complex things inside the hive. From using a 'waggle dance' to communicate where food is to making their own bread. Pretty cute, right? Wait until you hear what the Queen bee does...   

European honey bees and over 1500 native Australian bees support our food crops and native plants, such as 'snotty gobbles' (Persoonias). If they go extinct, we could go with them.

Join Restoration Biology Officer based at the Australian Botanic Garden, Dr Nathan Emery and Beekeeper from the Urban Beehive, Doug Perdie, in the episode of Branch Out below. Discover the beautiful and sometimes really bizarre BEE-haviour humans (and snotty gobbles) rely on. 

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