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Branch Out goes Off Track

Are you ready to go Off Track and pick Persoonias out of emu poo?

Off Track is the ABC’s dedicated nature program and Branch Out is sharing an awesome episode from the show about an endangered group of plants called Persoonias. You might also know them as geebungs or snottygobbles (depending which side of Australia you're from).

There are a number of complex natural processes required in order for the special seeds to germinate. Could the mystery lynchpin to save them be found in an emu's guts? Hit play below and join Off Track's presenter Ann Jones to find out. You'll also get the latest update on Persoonias from Dr Nathan Emery from the Australian PlantBank.

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Persoonia nutans
Persoonia pauciflora plants growing at the Australian PlantBank
Persoonia amaliae seedling
Persoonia adenantha magnified view inside the seed 
Emu Farm at the base of Warrumbungle National Park. Photo credit: Emu Logic. 

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