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No Plants
No Animals

A two-metre-tall dinosaur bird roams the rainforests of north-east Queensland looking for its next meal to swallow whole. A meal that keeps itself, rainforests, and us alive.   

With its vivid blue neck, tall helmet and jet-black feathers - the Southern Cassowary is a striking bird. However, it is its remarkable ability to swallow fruit as large as a mango whole (do not try this at home) is its most impressive feature. In episode 3 of our Branch Out podcast, No Plants No Animals, explore the connection between plant and animal survival with a trip to Taronga Zoo! Join Branch Out host, Vanessa Fuchs, Senior Principal Research Scientist, Dr Maurizio Rossetto, and Taronga Zoo Sydney Birdkeeper, Corinne Symons to discover how this endangered rainforest gardener and other mega fauna keep themselves, rainforests, and us alive. 

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