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No Plants No Wine

Even though Australia is new on the wine-making world stage it has produced really iconic drops and inventions such as cask wine and screw caps for bottles. But how did grape vines get here?

In this episode of Branch Out you'll learn how the history of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and Tyrrell's Wines intercepted to give rise to Australia's wine industry. 

Hit play below and go on a trip to the Hunter Valley in NSW and discover the art, history and science of wine-making and how it all started down under. From the grapevine to the glass, you'll also get a taste of what it takes to make the perfect drop - and how to choose it it!

James Busby is considered the father of the Australian wine industry. Historical map of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney c1854 where the first vines were planted (City of Sydney Archives). 
Branch Out presenter and producer, Vanessa Fuchs recording the No Plants No Wine episode with Tyrrell's vineyard manager, Andrew Pengilly and his dog Cooper. 
Fourth generation owner of Tyrrell's Wines, Bruce Tyrell. 
Harvesting wine at Tyrrell's. 
Tyrrell's vineyard manager, Andrew Pengilly inspecting one of the vineyards with his dog Cooper.  

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