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Starting in Science

Everyone starts somewhere, even scientists.

What inspires people to study plants?

This week we’ve got some special guests on Branch Out – students, recent graduates and trainees who are just starting out in their careers as plant scientists.

Rose Kerr chats to them about how they got started, and where they see plant science being needed in the future.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this episode.

Hit play below to hear the from the scientists and horticulturalists who will be the future of plant science: 

  • Adam Pigott, Arborist at the Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney
  • Piret May, Horticulturalist at the Royal Botanic Gardens and Arboriculture student at TAFE.
  • Yasmin Asar, PhD student at the University of Sydney 
  • Philippa Alvarez, PhD student with the University of Technology Sydney 
  • Lyndle Hardstaff, PhD student with Curtin University
  • Ryan P. O'Donnell, Master of Scientific Studies (Biodiversity Science) at the University of New England 
  • Ruby E. Stephens, PhD candidate at Macquarie University, Sydney 
  • Dr Justin Collette, recent PhD graduate from UNSW
  • Melanie O'Donovan, Conservation Biology Masters student at Macquarie University
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