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What is a herbarium?

The name might throw you off but no, a herbarium isn’t a collection of herbs – it’s the history, heart and hub of plant sciences. Listen to the episode of our Branch Out podcast below, it’s the closest you’ll get to the walls of National Herbarium of NSW talking.  

Inside the herbarium at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is a giant library of 1.43 million dried plant specimens, including over 800 collected by botanists on the first voyage of James Cook in 1770. And just like a library – these plants are constantly being ‘checked out’ for research.

Walk through the corridors of this 165-year-old building containing one of Australia’s largest reference collections of botanical specimens with Dr Shelley James and Dr Marco Duretto. Discover the Herbarium’s secrets, purpose and what it’s future holds in the episode of our Branch Out podcast above.

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