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Witchcraft revival & the power of plants

#WitchTok videos are clocking up billions of views. Discover why witchcraft is on the rise and the important role plants and nature have to play in its resurgance amongst young people.  

The magic of nature

Despite tens of thousands of women throughout the ages being persecuted for being a witch, witchcraft is on the rise and there's even a rapidly growing subculture on TikTok called “WitchTok”. Its creators are mostly millenials and Gen Z who use the platform to share spells, make potions and learn about mythology.  

In this magical episode of Branch Out you'll hear from a Christina Oakley-Harrington, a modern witch and the founder of Treadwells, a famous bookstore in London dedicated to the occult. Christina shares her perspective on why we're seeing this worldwide revival amongst young people along with some powerful plants used in witchcraft. 

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