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Dr Doug Benson

Honorary Research Associate
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Research Interests:

Honorary Research Associate

Editor (Hon) Cunninghamia : a journal of plant ecology for eastern Australia 

Member - Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area Advisory Committee

Current Projects:

Vegetation of Montane swamps

  • Vegetation of mires of the upper Cudgegong River, with Ian Baird
  • Impact of longwall mining on Newnes Plateau Shrub Swamps
  • Monitoring of long term vegetation deterioration

Botanically interesting sites

  • Kamay-Botany Bay as part of Sweden World Heritage serial Nomination Rise of Systematic Biology
  • Hartley valley and historical connections with 19th century botanist Allan Cunningham

Vegetation of Sydney Area

  • Revegetation of sites along the Cooks River
  • Last Glacial Maximum Description vegetation based on rare species distribution patterns

Ecology of Sydney plants

  • Ecology of Asterolasia buxifolia with Bob Makinson
  • Monitoring of Boronia deanei with Local Land Services
  • Rare species - Eucalyptus cunninghamii, Eucalyptus camphora