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Dr Matt A.M. Renner

Systematic Botanist


Dr Matt Renner has been part of our team since 2010, first as a Postdoctoral Fellow before taking the role of Systematic Botanist in 2016. Matt began his botanist career more than 20 years ago when he commenced a Bachelor of Science in Botany and Ecology at the University of Auckland. 

Matt earned a PhD from the University of Sydney in Biology in 2008. Matt’s work has taken him all around New Zealand and eventually to join our team here in Sydney. 

Matt has won a number of awards for his contributions to botany research and has published nearly forty papers on various topics in the last four years alone. His research interests today lie in the discovery and documentation of Australian plants, with a focus on groups that have not been studied before. In recent years, Matt has spent time in the wet tropics of Queensland and brought home more than 10 new plant species. 

Research Interests

Discovery and documentation of Australian plants, especially more challenging, understudied groups and encompassing both living and fossil taxa, using a range of data sources and tools including molecular phylogeny inference and geometric morphometric methods. 

Current Projects

The family Plagiochilaceae, and the broader suborder Lophocoleineae, focusing on resolving Australian diversity, and broader relationships within a global context.