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Dr Patricia Lu-Irving

Scientific Officer

Research Interests

Flowering plants are some of the most diverse, fascinating, and important organisms on earth. In my research, I seek to understand the evolutionary and ecological processes which shape patterns of plant diversity. As plants respond to global change, they offer rich opportunities to study evolution on contemporary timescales. I use genomic data across landscapes to reveal patterns in diversity among populations, and how these patterns are influenced by the environment. This can help us to understand how plants are able to adapt to new or changing environments, unlocking the knowledge to improve biodiversity management practices into the future.

Current Projects

My current projects include (1) resolving relationships within the invasive Lantana camara species complex, leading to better understanding of the weeds' origins and improved management prospects; (2) characterising the population structure of the endangered Syzygium paniculatum (magenta lilly pilly), providing the basis for scientifically sound conservation strategies.

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