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Dr Peter Weston

Honorary Research Associate, Systematic Botany

Research Interests

My research has been in the theoretical and practical aspects of systematic botany, with emphasis on the theory and practice of phylogenetic analysis, and the broader uses to which phylogenetic knowledge may be applied. I have phylogenetically analysed groups in the plant families Proteaceae, Fabaceae, Orchidaceae, Winteraceae and Rutaceae, contributed to more general analyses of angiosperm phylogeny, and used the results of these analyses to improve biological classification and to test theories of historical biogeography, trait evolution, diversification, co-evolution and adaptation.

Current Projects

  • The biosynthesis and evolution of pseudo-pheromones in Chiloglottis orchids
  • Evolution in action in the Grevillea floribunda group
  • Origin and evolution of plant functional traits in relation to fire
  • Floral evolution in the Proteaceae
  • Phylogeny and diversification of Proteaceae subtribe Hakeinae
  • Integrating molecular phylogenies and fossil data in Persoonioideae (Proteaceae).