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Dr Peter Wilson

Principal Research Scientist

Research Interests

My primary research emphasis is in the family Myrtaceae, which is a prominent component of almost all vegetation types in Australia. I have established a new tribal classification of the family and continue to study particular groups within it, focusing on generic limits.

Species level taxonomy of the legume genus Indigofera in Australia. The genus has about 50 native species but also about 10 introduced species that are weeds, some of which are of economic importance.

Current Projects

Classification of the Geraldton Wax group (tribe Chamelaucieae) and the Tea Tree group (tribe Leptospermeae). Studies in the genera Tristaniopsis and Xanthostemon in Australia and its near neighbours. Study of genera that have not been definitely placed within the tribal classification.

Continuing research on the legume genus Indigofera in Australia; resolving a couple of remaining species complexes.