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Dr Richard Jobson

Research Scientist

Research Interests

Richard received his PhD in Botany from the University of Queensland (2003). He spent 10 years working on evolutionary biology projects in the US, France, and UK. His research attempts to understand Australia’s plant diversity, taxonomy, and biogeography, to contribute to the conservation and management of their habitats. His main interests involve studies of the evolution of aquatic plant lineages, and taxonomic issues in the Australian grasses.

Current Projects

  • Systematic, taxonomic, and biogeographic studies in the Australian Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae):
    • Taxonomic revision of the Australian species
    • Utricularia pollination syndromes across the monsoonal tropics
    • Diversification in Utricularia from Artesian mounds springs
    • Phylogeography within Utricularia species complexes (with P. Baleeiro)
  • Phylogeny, phylogeography and species limits within Themeda (Poaceae)
  • Taxonomic limits in the Australian Hypericum (Clusiaceae)
  • Phylogenetics and genome size variation in Callitriche (Plantaginaceae) and Potamogeton (Potamogetonaceae) (with Dr Z. Kaplan & Dr B. Hellquist)
  • A temporal evolutionary framework of land plants (with Prof Yin Long Qiu, Uni of Michigan).