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Dr Russell Barrett

Systematic Botanist
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Dr Russell Barrett is a research botanist, author and photographer who grew up in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia. He is passionate about botany, ecology, conservation, the Kimberley and sedges (just to name a few). Dr Barrett has discovered over 400 new plant species, sometimes from helicopters in remote wilderness, and sometimes in the middle of our capital cities. 

Research interests 

Dr Barrett specialises in the naming and classification of Australian native plants. His work spans across Australia and he collaborates with scientists around the globe to understand the unique context of the Australian flora

Current projects

  • Systematics and conservation of New South Wales Flora including description of new lily species (e.g. Lomandra).
  • Systematics and conservation of Australian Cyperaceae (sedges; Gahnia, Lepidosperma, Schoenus, Tetraria).
  • Systematics and conservation of tropical Australian flora (e.g. Arivela, Boronia, Corynotheca, Eriachne, Erythrophleum, Goodenia, Grewia, Hibiscus, Terminalia).
  • International collaborations to examine the historical dispersal of plants into and out of Australia (e.g. Hybanthus, Loranthaceae).

Research papers

Dr Barrett has published 9 books, 12 book chapters, and over 65 research papers, along with numerous contributions to the electronic Flora of Australia. Details can be found at: https://www.theplantpress.com/research-papers

In the media 

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