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Dr Trevor Wilson

Lamiaceae Research (ABRS Postdoctoral Fellow)

Research Interests

My research interests include evolutionary biology, systematics, pollination and taxonomy. I study these while focussing on (not restricted within, however) the Australian Lamiaceae, in particular Plectranthus (Mentheae) and all taxa in the endemic Australian subfamily Prostantheroideae.

The mint family (Lamiaceae) is one of the largest flowering plant families. Although its members are most commonly identified by their culinary use, they are also extremely valuable for their agricultural, horticultural and medicinal uses. My research focuses on clarifying relationships and identifying taxonomic boundaries in the Australian Lamiaceae in order to aid their identification as well as understand evolutionary processes. Sophisticated morphological and molecular tools help me identify new species as well develop inferences for evolutionary trajectories.

Research Projects

  • Systematics of Australian Plectranthus (Lamiaceae): application of molecular data to assess relationships and resolve interspecific ambiguities.
  • Systematics of the Westringieae (Lamiaceae): the application of morphological and molecular techniques to resolve generic limits.
  • Systematics of the Chloantheae (Lamiaceae): resolving taxonomic boundaries between Lachnostachys, Newcastelia, and Physopsis.


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