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Margaret Heslewood

Molecular Systematist, Botany

Research Interests

My interests lie broadly in using molecular data from nuclear and organelle genomes to investigate evolutionary relationships of plant, insect, bird, and animal groups.

My recent research has focussed on the molecular systematics of various higher plant families (e.g. Myrtaceae, Rutaceae), the fungal order Agaricales and the Hepatic families Fossombroniaceae and Lepidoziaceae as well as investigations of population genetics and phylogeography within the Cunoniaceae.

Current Projects

Investigating taxonomic relationships within Australasian members of Rutaceae, the citrus family, under Marco Duretto:

  1. Phylogeny and biogeography of Boronia and Boronella
  2. Systematics and generic limits within the Phebalium group
  3. Systematics of Australian rainforest Rutaceae
  4. Investigations of taxonomic relationships of Myrtaceae, under Peter Wilson
  5. Resolving generic limits of the non persistent-fruited species of Leptospermum (Myrtaceae)
  6. Defining generic limits within the Chamelaucieae
  7. Phylogeny of the tribe Xanthostemoneae
  8. Phylogeny of Haloragis exalata (Haloragaceae) and its allies, under Peter Wilson