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Veronica Viler

Horticultural Research Assistant

Research Interests

  • Conservation and management of critically endangered plants, in particular Rhodomyrtus psidiodes and Rhodamnia rubescens
  • Effect of Myrtle Rust (Austropuccinia psidii) on Australian plants
  • Horticulture of Australian plants, tissue culture, seed germination

Current Projects

Rainforest Seed Conservation Project

Persoonia pauciflora Conservation Research Program


Shade A, O’Donnell K, Perrins L, Stanley R, Taylor D, Turner S, Viler V (2021) Chapter 11 Living Plant Collections. In Martyn Yenson AJ, Offord CA, Meagher PF, Auld TD, Bush D, Coates DJ, Commander LE, Guja LK, Norton SL, Makinson RO, Stanley R, Walsh N, Wrigley D, Broadhurst L (Eds.) ‘Plant Germplasm Conservation in Australia: strategies and guidelines for developing, managing and utilising ex situ collections. Third edition.’ Australian Network for Plant Conservation, Canberra. Available at

Viler V and Offord CA (2020) Ex situ management including seed orchard establishment for Native Guava (Rhodomyrtus psidioides) affected by Myrtle RustAustralasian Plant Conservation 29(2),17-20. 

Sommerville KD, Cuneo P, Errington G, Makinson RO, Pederson S, Phillips G, Rollason A, Viler V and Offord CA (2019) Conservation in the wake of Myrtle Rust - a case study on two critically endangered Australian rainforest plants. Pacific Conservation Biology.