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Persoonia conservation

Persoonia, known as Geebungs in eastern Australia, are notoriously difficult to grow and many are rare or endangered. Persoonia only occur in Australia.

At the Australian PlantBank, our scientists are researching the ecology of several Persoonia species to better understand the factors that control fruit set and seed germination. It is hoped that from this knowledge we can then propagate plants more successfully and efficiently.

Some Persoonia species are rare and threatened. Our research is vital for the development and implementation of translocation programs for these species, ensuring their populations will persist in the wild, while also being included in future restoration programs.

It is our aim to provide this information to growers and researchers on how best to produce and conserve these species.

These pages were compiled by Nathan Emery
with editing by Amelia Martyn Yenson in 2018 and updated in 2021.