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Relict Rainforest & Woodland Conservation Project

The Relict Rainforest & Woodland Conservation Project aims to increase our knowledge of seed biology for plant species in three Threatened Ecological Communities in northwest New South Wales.

Threatened ecological communities (TECs) within the Brigalow Belt South (BBS) and Nandewar (NAN) bioregions of northwest NSW are under intense environmental pressures. Around 60% of the woody native vegetation cover in these bioregions has been cleared, and less than 10% of the area is protected in conservation areas. Many of the plant communities in these bioregions occur in fragmented, isolated patches that are susceptible to environmental stresses.

Three TECs in particular – Brigalow, Semi-evergreen Vine Thicket and Ooline (Cadellia pentastylis) – are prime examples of plant communities subject to these environmental pressures. Research into the seed biology of plants within these TECs is urgently needed to ensure community persistence.
This project will help us understand how flowering, seed production and seed germination respond to climate, with a goal to share our seed conservation knowledge with local land managers and community groups.
The work of this project will inform future restoration and management of these plant communities to enable successful propagation and growth of these species and contribute to other on-ground conservation outcomes.

This program is being funded by the NSW Government through a partnership between the Saving our Species program and the Environmental Trust.