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Cadellia pentastylis (Ooline) community in the Nandewar and Brigalow Belt South Bioregions

This forest community has a canopy that is dominated or co-dominated by Ooline (Cadellia pentastylis). Other common species include White Box (Eucalyptus albens), Beyer’s Ironbark (Eucalyptus beyeriana), Quinine Bush (Alstonia constricta), Sticky Wallaby bush (Beyeria viscosa) and Currant Bush (Carissa ovata). Ooline itself occurs on both sandstone and claystone soils, and has affinities with other rainforest species, suggesting it may be a relict of Australia’s historical rainforest cover.

Ooline is known to occur in several other vegetation communities, including Semi-evergreen Vine Thicket and Brigalow-Belah communities. Although the species is known to set fruit, it also has the capacity to resprout.
Threats for this community include: land clearing, grazing, fire, weeds, lack of seed production and climate change.

For more information, see the NSW Threatened Species Listing for this community and the Australian Species Profile and Threat information for this community.