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Semi-evergreen Vine Thicket in the Brigalow Belt South and Nandewar Bioregions

This dense semi-arid form of a dry rainforest is dominated by numerous shrub and vine species, including Native Olive (Notelaea microcarpa), Wilga (Geijera parviflora), Red Olive Plum (Elaeodendron australe), Wonga Vine (Pandorea pandorana) and Native Pear (Marsdenia viridiflora). The community has an uneven canopy and density and provides critical habitat to several threatened species.

There is often a lot of species crossover in adjacent vegetation communities, such as Weeping Myall and Ooline community. Semi-evergreen Vine Thicket occurs on sandy clay or clay soils on rocky hills and slopes.
Threats for this community include: land clearing, grazing, fire, weeds, and climate change.

For more information, see the NSW Threatened Species Listing for this community and the Australian Species Profile and Threat information for this community.