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Why was the Wollemi Pine propagated for sale?

Humans pose the greatest threat to the survival of the magnificent Wollemi Pine in the wild. Ensuring the trees can be seen and grown by the public is a unique and exciting part of the strategy to protect the remaining trees. Having Wollemi Pines in homes, gardens and parks worldwide is safeguarding the species from becoming extinct and minimises the threat of unauthorised visits to the wild population. In conservation terms, this strategy combines in situ protection of the trees with ex situ cultivation and translocation as a 'back up' for the wild population.

Plants have been available from Botanic Gardens Shops at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, the Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan, and the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah, on-line or from selected nurseries in Australia since 1 April 2006.

So far, the plant is proving to be an especially good pot plant and can be grown in many garden situations.