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Ecology of Cumberland Plain Woodland

Cumberland Plain Woodland is the original native vegetation community of much of Western Sydney.

Clearing for farming and urban development have reduced its original extent to small remnants, many of which are under threat. Cumberland Plain Woodland is now listed as a Critically Endangered Ecological Community under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act and the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. 

The Australian Botanic Garden includes natural remnants of Cumberland Plain Woodland vegetation. These are being managed for their long-term protection, and as sites for scientific research, particularly on the biodiversity and ecology of Cumberland Plain Woodland.

The Ecology of Cumberland Plain Woodland web pages have been compiled by
Doug Benson and Lotte von Richter.

Additional information has been provided by Jocelyn Howell, Debra Little and Sarah Dempster (bushland management), Stephen Skinner (algae), Elizabeth Brown (mosses and lichens), Bob Coveny (mosses, lichens and fungi), Boris Lomov (butterflies and ants), Alan Leishman (birds), Stephanie Clarke (snails) and Martyn Robinson and David Britton of the Australian Museum (insects). Thanks to Catherine Wardrop and Lesley Elkan for the seed illustrations, Nancy Rollason for the diary illustrations and Amelia Martyn Yenson for editing.

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