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Mammals  Class: Mammalia  
Monotremes  Order: Monotremata  
   Family: Tachyglossidae  
Short-beaked Echidna  Tachyglossus aculeatus  
Marsupial or pouched mammals  Order: Diprotodonta  
Kangaroos and Wallabies  Family: Macropodidae  
Common wallaroo  Macropus robustus  
Swamp wallaby  Wallabia bicolor  
Possums  Family: Phalangeridae  
Common Brushtail Possum  Trichosurus vulpecula  
   Family: Pseudocheiridae  
Common Ringtail Possum  Pseudocheirius peregrinus  
Placental mammals  Order: Chiroptera  
   Family: Pteropodidae  
Grey-headed Flying Fox  Pteropus poliocephalus  
Bats  Family: Vespertilionidae  
Gould's Wattled Bat  Chalinolobus gouldii  
Eastern False Pipistrelle  Falsistrellus tasmaniensis  
Eastern Bentwing-bat  Miniopterus schreibersii  
Large footed Myotis  Myotis adversus  
Lesser long-eared bat  Nyctophilus geoffroyi  
Gould's Long-eared Bat  Nyctophilus gouldi  
Greater Broard-nosed Bat  Scoteanax rueppellii  
Little Forest Bat  Vespadelus vulturnus  
   Family: Molossidae  
East-coast Freetail Bat  Mormopterus norfolkensis  
White-striped Freetail Bat  Nyctinomus australis  
   Order: Fissipedia  
Dogs and Foxes  Family: Canidae  
Fox  *Vulpes vulpes  
   Order: Lagomorpha  
Rabbits and Hares  Family: Leporidae  
Brown Hare  *Lepus capensis  
Rabbit  *Oryctolagus cuniculus  
   Order: Rodenta  
Rats and mice  Family: Muridae  
House mouse  *Mus musculus  
Black rat  *Rattus rattus  

Asterisk * indicates exotic species naturalised at Mount Annan Botanic Garden.