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Spiders and scorpions

Spiders and Scorpions Phylum: Chelicerata
  Class: Arachnida
Spiders Order: Araneae
Orb-weaving Spiders Family: Araneidae
Scorpion-tailed Spider Arachnura higginsi
St Andrew's Cross Spider Argiope keyserlingi
Spiny Spider Austracantha minax
  Eriophora sp.
  Family: Corinnidae
Spotted Ground Swift Spider Supunna picta
Wolf Spiders Family: Lycosidae
  Lycosa sp. 2
  Lycosa sp. 1
  Family: Salticidae
Jumping Spider Sandalodes scopifer
  Family: Sparssidae
Flat Huntsman Spider Delena cancerides
Four-Jawed or Long-Jawed Spiders Family: Tetragnathidae
  Leucauge granulata
Golden Orb Weaver Nephila edulis
Cob-Web Spiders Family: Theridiidae
Red-backed Spider Latrodectus hasselti
  Family: Thomisidae
  Diaea evanida
Scorpions Order: Scorpiones
  Family: Buthidae
Little Marbled Scorpion Lychas marmoreus