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Climate and our weather station

Climate has a major impact on Cumberland Plain Woodland ecology; rainfall and temperature patterns have a strong and direct influence on vegetation.

Since late 2006, the weather station at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan (officially Campbelltown Mount Annan #68257) has recorded data close to the Cumberland Plain Woodland.


Averaging rainfall figures for recording stations in the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan area gives a long-term average of about 730 mm per annum for the period 1850 to 1960, with a higher average of about 830 mm for 1950 to 2004. Rainfall from 2000-2006 was considerably lower with all years receiving less than 700 mm (based on records for Eaglevale). Average annual rainfall from 2007-2016 was 759 mm, with highest rainfall in 2007 (947 mm) and lowest in 2009 (514 mm). 

Long-term average annual rainfall records are 747 mm at Campbelltown (period 1845-1961); 764 mm at Camden (Bowling Club) (1883-1968); 683 mm at Menangle (Camden Park) (1878-1968); 828 mm for Camden Airport (1943-2004); 830 mm at Campbelltown Swimming Centre (1959-1984).

Mean monthly rainfall peaked in February (99 mm) and March (94 mm), and was lowest in September (43 mm) (based on Camden Airport records 1943-2004). This has shifted in the period 2006-2016 with high rainfall slightly earlier in the year, January and February, and peak rainfall in June (105 mm) (based on Campbelltown Mount Annan records). 


 Temperatures are important for seed germination. Air temperatures are hottest in January with a mean daily maximum  of 29.2°C and a highest recorded maximum of 45°C. Temperatures are coldest in July with a mean daily minimum of 2.9°C and a lowest recorded minimum temperature of -6°C (based on Camden Airport records). Temperatures records at Mount Annan from 2007-2016 are similar, although mean daily minimum temperatures in winter have been slightly higher (4°C). 

Diary of seasonal conditions

To give an idea of seasonal conditions in the woodland we’ve included a month by month account, 'A year in the woodland', based on Jocelyn Howell's diary records in 2001-2003.