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Fruiting is the development of the fertilised embryo within a protective cover. Fruit sizes for species in the woodland range from the small fruit of Mentha satureioides (4 mm) to the large capsules (10 cm long) of Parsonsia straminea.

Fruiting times

Fruiting time for many species, particularly grasses, is mostly in autumn - but there are some spring/summer fruiting species, depending on adequate rainfall.

Time to maturity

Fruit maturing time from pollination to maturity may vary from 30 days for daisies such as Rhodanthe anthemoides, to 8 months for the vine Parsonsia stramineaBursaria spinosa seed may take up to 3 months to mature.

Rainfall necessary for successful fruiting

Good rainfall is necessary for successful fruiting in most species, and even where flowering has been good, there will be few or no viable fruit set in dry conditions.