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Ecdeiocoleaceae of Australia

Start date:
01 Jan 2015
End date:
31 Dec 2016
Dr Barbara G. Briggs (Honorary Associate)
Project sponsors:
Australian Biological Resources Study (for eventual on-line publication)

Project aims

  • To prepare a treatment of the Ecdeiocoleaceae suitable for on-line publication in the Flora of Australia. 

Project Summary

The two genera and three species of Ecdeiocoleaceae are rush-like plants, endemic in Western Australia. The project arose from the investigation of Restionaceae, since Ecdeiocoleaceae were formerly included in that family. The project has included describing one new genus and two new families, as well as investigating the complex flowering pattern of the family. Especially it has shown, through DNA studies, that Ecdeiocoleaceae are the closest living relatives of the vastly important family Poaceae (the grasses). 

Research Update

Draft manuscript is being updated to incorporate recently described taxa and to bring it into line with Flora of Australia format. This includes preparing keys for species identification, descriptions, distribution information, bibliographies and synonymies.