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Revision of the legume genus Indigofera (Fabaceae) in Australia

Dr Peter Wilson, Mr Ross Rowe (Department of the Environment, Canberra)
Project sponsors:
Australian Biological Resources Study

Project aims

  • Review existing species concepts in Indigofera.  
  • Collect likely new species in the field.
  • Study the morphology of putative new species to confirm distinctiveness
  • Describe new species, produce regional revisions and Flora treatment

Project Summary

Indigofera is a very large genus of shrubs or herbs with over 700 species from all continents except Antarctica. There are two members of the tribe Indigofereae in Australia, Indigastrum, with one widespread non-endemic species, and Indigofera with approximately 70 species, including seven non-endemic species and 10 introduced species, many of which are considered weeds. Many putative new endemic species have now been named but there are still a number of species complexes yet to be resolved.

Research Update

Twelve new species and three new subspecies have been named recently. A revised treatment for the Flora of South Australia was published in 2011.