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Cunninghamia publishes original research papers on all aspects of plant ecology with particular emphasis on the vegetation and flora of eastern Australia. Descriptive, experimental and historical studies of plant communities, populations, individuals, their interactions with other organisms and their management are acceptable.

Cunninghamia is a fully open-access online scientific journal published on the Web by the National Herbarium of New South Wales, Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust, Sydney. Papers are published online following acceptance by the editorial committee. Acceptance is the responsibility of an editorial committee chaired by the Scientific Editor. All papers are peer-reviewed. 

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Keith L. McDougall , Genevieve T. Wright *, Peter M. Bredell , Elizabeth A. James , Laura Simmons
Mount Imlay – an island of floristic significance on the brink
Cunninghamia (2023) 23: 001– 009
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2023.001

Laura C. Lopresti, Karen D. Sommerville, Amy-Marie Gilpin and Todd E. Minchinton
Reproductive biology of rainforest Rutaceae: floral biology, breeding systems and pollination vectors of Acronychia oblongifolia and Sarcomelicope simplicifolia subsp.simplicifolia
Cunninghamia (2023) 23: 011–026
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2023.002

Dirk HR Spennemann
Horticultural distribution and subsequent naturalization of Queen Palms (Syagrus romanzoffiana) in south-eastern Australia
Cunninghamia (2023) 23: 027–031
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2023.003
Jenna Voigt and Anita C. Chalmers
Environmental factors affecting the abundance of the threatened shrub Tasmannia glaucifolia (Winteraceae) in Barrington Tops National Park
Cunninghamia (2022) 22: 001– 010
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2022.001

Stephen A. J. Bell
Differing habitat defines two metapopulations of a threatened Hunter Valley eucalypt: Eucalyptus parramattensis subsp. decadens
Cunninghamia (2022) 22: 011–025
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2022.002

S. McIntyre, J. Lewis and A.O. Nicholls
Potential for conservation and restoration following long-term pastoral use in a temperate forest woodland-grassland mosaic on the Southern Tablelands, New South Wales
Cunninghamia (2022) 22: 027–044
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2022.003

Brian Towle, Lucinda Ransom, Daniel Pesu, Michael Price and Ben Brown
Reproductive success and rarity of the variable midge orchid Genoplesium insigne
Cunninghamia (2022) 22: 045–052
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2022.004

Madeline S. Newbery, Laurie A. Chisholm and Katarina M. Mikac
Recruitment and mortality of the fire sensitive Eucalyptus fraxinoides after the 2019-20 wildfires, Monga National Park, southern New South Wales
Cunninghamia (2022) 22: 053–058
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2022.22.005

Paul R. Sheringham
Survey and demographics of Homoranthus floydii (Myrtaceae), including conservation assessment and comparison with other rare or threatened of the Clarence Sandstones Subregion
Cunninghamia (2022) 22: 059–069
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2022.006

V.J. Neldner and E.P. Addicott
Three decades of monitoring the woody layer of tropical eucalypt woodlands of northern Queensland
Cunninghamia (2022) 22: 071–087
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2022.22.007
David Coleby and Rae Druitt 
Distribution, ecology, and morphology of the rare mallee Eucalyptus cunninghamii (Myrtaceae), Blue Mountains, New South Wales
Cunninghamia (2021) 21: 001– 010
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2021.001

Kevin Mills
Response of two locally endemic threatened eucalypt mallees to recent severe bushfire in the Shoalhaven Region, New South Wales
Cunninghamia (2021) 21: 011–015
doi : 10.7751/cunninghamia.2021.002

P.Sheringham, L.M.Copeland, R.Gray and K.Dijkstra 
Survey of rare mallee Eucalyptus dissita in Gibraltar Range National Park, NSW Northern Tablelands
Cunninghamia (2021) 21: 017–026
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2021.003

Stephen A.J.Bell
Floristic community diversity in derived native grasslands: a case study from the upper Hunter Valley of New South Wales
Cunninghamia (2021) 21: 027–082
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2021.004

J. Leslie Dowe
The Australian paintings of Marianne North, 1880–1881: landscapes ‘doomed shortly to disappear’
Cunninghamia (2020) 20: 001–033
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2020.20.001

Paul Sheringham, Peter Richards, Phil Gilmour, Jill Smith  and Ernst Kemmerer
A Systematic Flora Survey, Floristic Classification and High-Resolution Vegetation Map of Lord Howe Island
Cunninghamia (2020) 20: 035–098

Barry Hicks and Todd F. Elliott
A simple method to collect viable rainforest tree seeds and study the frugivorous diet of satin bowerbirds (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus)
Cunninghamia (2020) 20: 099–104
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2020.20.003

Bonni Yare, Stephen Bell and Nigel Hunter
Phenology of the threatened Diuris praecox (Orchidaceae), a range-restricted terrestrial orchid from central eastern New South Wales
Cunninghamia (2020) 20: 105–113

Paul Foreman 
Historic archives are critical for reconstructing the nature and distribution of lowland temperate grasslands in south–eastern Australia
Cunninghamia (2020) 20: 123–137
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2020.20.006

Steven L. Stephenson and Barbara C. Stephenson
Myxomycetes Of Norfolk Island, South Pacific Ocean
Cunninghamia (2020) 20: 115-121
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2020.20.005

Julia Green, Scott Mooney* and Frank Hemmings
Reconstruction of the pre-European vegetation of Wolgan Valley, western Blue Mountains, NSW
Cunninghamia (2020) (2020) 20: 139–152
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2020.20.007

Keith L McDougall & Edward CY Liew
Quantifying the distribution and threat of Phytophthora cinnamomi in New South Wales: implications for its management in natural vegetation
Cunninghamia (2020) 20: 153–181
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2020.20.008

Richard W. Medd
Distribution, ecology and conservation of the endangered shrub, Acacia meiantha (Fabaceae) in Central West New South Wales
Cunninghamia (2020) 20: 183–192
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2020.20.009

Brian Towle, Kylie Coutts-McClelland and Stephen Deards
Searching for Pretty Beards: A descriptive ecological model and targeted surveys for the rare Calochilus pulchellus (Orchidaceae)
Cunninghamia (2020) 20: 193–198
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia. 2020.20.010

Stephen Bell and Paul Hillier
Targeted surveys of a poorly conserved threatened orchid (Pterostylis chaetophora) in Columbey National Park (Hunter Valley, NSW) reveal substantial populations and elucidate occupied habitat
Cunninghamia (2020) 20: 199–207

Geoff Williams
Aspects of the reproductive ecology of a south-east Australian Avicennia marina mangrove community — flower visitors and potential pollinators
Cunninghamia (2020) 20: 209–244
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2020.012

Dirk H.R. Spennemann
Canary Island date palms, Phoenix canariensis, invading a remnant riverine eucalypt forest in south-eastern Australia: processes and patterns of recruitment
Cunninghamia (2020) 20: 245–257
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2020.20.013

Wendy A. Grimm, Peter H. Weston, Anthony Manea and Michelle R. Leishman
Population size, plant size and reproductive output in key populations of the endangered terrestrial orchid Genoplesium baueri in eastern New South Wales
Cunninghamia (2020) 20: 259–264
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2020.014

Wendy A. Grimm, Peter H. Weston, Anthony Manea and Michelle R. Leishman
Life-cycle and natural history of the endangered terrestrial orchid Genoplesium baueri in eastern New South Wales
Cunninghamia (2020) 20: 265–271
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2020.015


Manea A., Winzer L.F & Leishman M. R.
Rapid field assessments of impacts of plant fungal pathogen Austropuccinia psidii on five high priority Myrtaceae species in New South Wales, Australia.
Cunninghamia (2019) 19: 001-006
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2019.19.001

Bell S. A.J.,
Macrozamia flexuosa C. Moore (Zamiaceae): a review of distribution, habitat and conservation status of an endemic cycad from the Hunter Region of New South Wales.
Cunninghamia (2019) 19: 007-027
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2019.19.002

Fulton G.R., & Milne J.
Letters from Thomas Reedy to Sir William Macarthur, during the Chevert Expedition of 1875.
Cunninghamia (2019) 19: 029-042
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2019.19.003

Bell S. A J.,
Additions and amendments to the rare or threatened vascular plants of Wollemi National Park. central easter New South Wales.
Cunninghamia (2019) 19:043-056

Williams G., & Adam P.,
A Preliminary Checklist of Flower-visiting Insects from Syzygium floribundum, Syzygium smithii and Tristaniopsis laurina: three members of the Myrtle Rust-vulnerable plant family Myrtaceae.Flower-visiting Insects on Myrtaceae
Cunninghamia (2019) 19:057-074

Mills K.,
A valuable early record of Norfolk Island plants: the 1790s watercolours of convict artist John Doody and accompanying notes by William Paterson
Cunninghamia (2019) 19:075-089

Wilmott L., Schlunke J., Renner M., Wait J., and Sommerville K.D.,
Hand-pollination increases seed set in the critically endangered orchid Thelymitra kangaloonica.
Cunninghamia (2019) 19:091-095

Hunter J.T. & Hewlett Hunter V.,
High macropod populations at Looks At Me Now Headland, North Coast NSW: implications for endangered Themeda triandra grasslands on coastal headlands
Cunninghamia (2019) 19: 097-106

Mills K.,
The coastal ferns Asplenium decurrens and Asplenium difforme (Aspleniaceae on the south coast of New South Wales.
Cunninghamia (2019) 19: 107-111
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2019.19.009

Spennemann D.,
Growth of ornamental palms, Phoenix and Washingtonia, as epiphytes on suburban street trees in Albury, NSW, Australia.​
Cunninghamia (2019) 19: 113–119
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia. 2019.19.010

Baird, Ian R.C. & Benson, Doug
Hydrogeomorphology, floristics, classification and conservation values
of the little-known montane mires of the upper Cudgegong River
catchment, Central Tablelands, New South Wales

Cunninghamia (2018) 18: 001–021

Williams, Geoff
Insects associated with flowering of Rhodomyrtus psidioides (Myrtaceae): Is this a Myrtle Rust (Austropuccinia psidii)-induced Plant-pollinator interaction Extinction Event?
Cunninghamia (2018) 18: 023-027

Addicott, Eda; Newton, Mark; Laurance, Susan; Neldner, John; Laidlaw, Melinda; & Butler, Don
A new classification of savanna plant communities on the igneous rock lowlands and Tertiary sandy plain landscapes of Cape York Peninsula bioregion
Cunninghamia (2018) 18: 029-072

Smith, Judy; Smith Peter & Benson, Doug
Angophora subvelutina (Myrtaceae) on atypical diatreme habitat at Glenbrook: an addition to the eucalypt list for the Greater Blue Bountains World Heritage Area.
Cunninghamia (2018) 18: 073-078

Bell, Stephen A.J.
Fate of a rare flowering event in an endangered population of Acacia pendula (Weeping Myall) from the Hunter Valley, New South Wales
Cunninghamia (2018) 18: 079-088

Nathan J, Emery and Catherine A., Offord
Managing Persoonia (Proteaceae) species in the landscape through a better understanding of their biology and ecology
Cunninghamia (2018) 18: 089–107

Spenneman, Dirk H.R.
Washingtonia robusta (Mexican Fan Palm) as a coloniser in an artificial wetland at Albury, New South Wales
​Cunninghamia (2018) 18: 109-122

Gufu, G.D. and Leishman, M.R.
The current status of exotic freshwater vascular plants in Australia - a systematic description.
Cunninghamia (2018) 18:123-133

P. Wellman
Temperate-climate myxomycetes in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere
Cunninghamia (2017) 17: 1-13

Jennifer C. Sanger and Jamie B. Kirkpatrick
Patterns of morphological and physiological traits of epiphytes within
trees and between elevations in subtropical Australian rainforest

Cunninghamia (2017) 17: 15-25

J.T. Hunter
Is there a relationship between contemporary high Aboriginal plant resource locations and mapped vegetation communities?
Cunninghamia (2017) 17:27-34
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2017.17.003

Kevin Mills
The first record of the endangered fern Hypolepis distans Hook (Dennstaedtiaceae) on the Australian mainland.
Cunninghamia (2017) 17:35-38
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2017.17.004

K. Green
Dieback of Nematolepis ovatifolia (Rutaceae), an endemic shrub in the alpine- subalpine heaths of the Snowy Mountains, is facilitated by climate change.
Cunninghamia (2016) 16: 1-9

Manu E. Saunders
An observation of adult parasitic wasps (Diapriidae sp.) visiting Melichrus urceolatus (Ericaceae) flowers in an endangered woodland remnant.
Cunninghamia (2016) 16: 11-14

Stephen Bell and Colin Driscoll
Hunter Valley Weeping Myall Woodland – is it really definable and
defendable with and without Weeping Myall (Acacia pendula)?

Cunninghamia (2016) 16: 15–30
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2016.16.003

Mark Tozer*1 and Anita Chalmers2
Hunter Valley Weeping Myall Woodland in the Sydney Basin Bioregion
should remain listed as a Threatened Ecological Community until strong
evidence emerges in support of delisting.

Cunninghamia (2016): 31-34
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2016.16.004

David Coleby
The natural distribution and ecology of a Blue Mountains shrub,
Epacris browniae (Ericaceae)

Cunninghamia (2016) 16: 35-44
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2016.16.005

John T. Hunter and Vanessa H. Hunter
Population estimate of the parasitic herb Thesium australe (Santalaceae)
in Booroolong Nature Reserve, Northern Tablelands, NSW

Cunninghamia (2016) 16: 45-49
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2016.16.006

Graham R. Fulton
Thomas Reedy 1842-1929: gardener for Sir William Macarthur and
plant collector on the Chevert Expedition to New Guinea in 1875

Cunninghamia (2016) 16: 51-63
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2016.16.007

John T. Hunter & Vanessa H. Hunter
Vegetation of Naree and Yantabulla stations on the Cuttaburra Creek, Far North Western Plains, New South Wales
Cunninghamia (2016) 16: 65-100

Peter Wellman
Distinctive corticolous myxomycete assemblages of tropical, temperate and arid regions of Australia
Cunninghamia (2016) 16: 101–114
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2016.16.009

F. Coates
Comparative changes in Eucalyptus pauciflora (Myrtaceae) stand structure after bushfires in Victoria.
Cunninghamia (2015) 15: 1-11
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2015.15.001

M.D. Doherty, G. Wright and K.L. McDougall 
The flora of Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales: Summary and overview.
Cunninghamia (2015) 15: 13-68
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2015.15.002

J. Lambert, G. Lambert and B. Pellow
An evaluation of two management options to restore species diversity of Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub at North Head, Sydney.
Cunninghamia (2015) 15: 69-78
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2015.15.003

H. Zimmer, P. Meagher, T. Auld, J. Plaza and C. Offord
Year-to-year variation in cone production in Wollemia nobilis (Wollemi Pine).
Cunninghamia (2015) 15: 79-85
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2015.15.004

J.L. Dowe
I saw a good deal of the country much more than any other collector: An assessment of the botanical collections of Eugene Fitzalan (1830-1911)
Cunninghamia (2015) 15: 87-133
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2015.15.005

K. Mills
Aspects of the distribution and ecology of the rare shrub Prostanthera tallowa (Lamiaceae), an endemic of the lower Shoalhaven River valley, South Coast, NSW.
Cunninghamia (2015) 15: 135-142
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2015.15.006

P. Kodela
Three grass species recently recognised as naturalised in New South Wales, Australia.
Cunninghamia (2015) 15: 143-151
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2015.15.007

P. Wellman
Myxomycetes (slime moulds) of arid to semi-arid areas of northeast New South Wales, Australia.
Cunninghamia (2015) 15: 153-162

B. Mackey, P. Jacobs and S. Hugh
Classifying and mapping the Australian Alps’ Native Vegetation
Cunninghamia (2015) 15: 163–184

S. Harris, K. Ziegler and M. Dell
The vegetation and flora of Strzelecki National Park,
Flinders Island, Tasmania

Cunninghamia (2015) 15: 163–184

M. Tozer and A. Chalmers
Should Hunter Valley Weeping Myall Woodland in the Sydney Basin
Bioregion be listed as a Threatened Ecological Community?

Cunninghamia (2015) 15: 201-204

J. T. Hunter 
Vegetation of Little Bora Nature Conservation Trust Agreement, North Western Slopes, New South Wales.
Cunninghamia (2014) 14: 1-16
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2014.14.001

P.J. Myerscough and R.C. Carolin
Vegetation of beach sand ridges and geomorphological processes in the valley of the Upper Myall River, New South Wales.
Cunninghamia (2014) 14: 17-53
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2014.14.002

D. Coleby
Further observations on ecology of Blandfordia cunninghamii: flowering responses to rainfall and fire, and juvenile growth rates.
Cunninghamia (2014) 14: 55-61

J. Shepherd and V. Keyzer 
Ecology of Eucalyptus aquatica (Myrtaceae), a restricted eucalypt confined to montane swamp (fen) habitat in south-eastern Australia.
Cunninghamia (2014) 14: 63-76

V.J. Neldner
The contribution of vegetation survey and mapping to Herbarium collections and botanical knowledge: a case study from Queensland.
Cunninghamia (2014) 14: 77-87

P.G. Kodela, P. Adam and B.M. Wiecek
Lysimachia mauritiana (Primulaceae) on seacliffs in the eastern suburbs of Sydney: a new naturalised record for Australia. 
Cunninghamia (2014) 14: 89-95

P. Smith and J. Smith
Floodplain vegetation of the River Murray in 1987–1988: an important pre-drought benchmark for subsequent studies.
Cunninghamia (2014) 14: 97-151

Peter Rose
A conceptual model of the species composition of the original riparian rainforest of the Clarence River Floodplain, New South Wales.
Cunninghamia (2014) 14: 153–178

S. Bell and C. Driscoll
Acacia pendula (Weeping Myall) in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales: early explorers’ journals, database records and habitat assessments raise doubts over naturally occurring populations.
Cunninghamia 14:(2014) 179–200
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2014.14.009

Robert Payne
Peak flowering and fruiting patterns in the endangered orchid
Corunastylis sp. ‘Charmhaven’ on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

Cunninghamia (2014) 14: 203–213
doi 10.7751/cunninghamia.2014.14.010

R. J. Peacock, A. Downing, P. Brownsey and D. Cameron 
Distribution, habitat preferences and population sizes of two threatened tree ferns, Cyathea cunninghamii and Cyathea x marcescens, in south-eastern Australia.
Cunninghamia (2013) 13(1):1-24
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.13.001

A. Hewitt
Revisiting Tony Price’s (1979) account of the native vegetation of Duck River and Rookwood Cemetery, western Sydney
Cunninghamia (2013) 13(1): 25-124.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.13.002

R.C. Armstrong, K.D. Turner, K.L. McDougall, R. Rehwinkel and J.I. Crooks
Plant communities of the upper Murrumbidgee catchment in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.
Cunninghamia (2013) 13(1): 125-265.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.13.003

R. F. Parsons 
Limonium hyblaeum (Plumbaginaceae), a cushion plant invading coastal southern Australia. 
Cunninghamia (2013) 13: 267-274.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.004

Roger D. Cousens, Peter K. Ades, Mohsen B. Mesgaran and Sara Ohadi 
Reassessment of the invasion history of two species of Cakile (Brassicaceae) in Australia.
Cunninghamia (2013) 13: 275-290.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.005

Kevin Mills
Replacement of Cakile edentula with Cakile maritima in New South Wales and on Lord Howe Island. 
Cunninghamia (2013) 13: 291-294. 
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.006

F. Erskine, A. Chalmers and W. Erskine 
Survival of Casuarina cunninghamiana on a recovering sand-bed stream in the Wollombi Valley of coastal New South Wales. 
Cunninghamia (2013) 13: 295-304. 
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.007

M. Fallding and D. Benson
Adventures, hardship and a scientific legacy: Ludwig Leichhardt’s 1843 journey to Mt Royal in the Hunter Valley, NSW.
Cunninghamia (2013) 13: 305-330.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.008

J.T. Hunter
Upland wetlands in the Namoi Catchment: mapping distribution and disturbance classes of fens, bogs and lagoons.
Cunninghamia (2013) 13: 331-335
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.009

J.R. Hosking, M. Schroder and B. McCorkell
Impact of broom, Cytisus scoparius (Fabaceae), in naturally treeless sub-alpine frost-hollow vegetation communities at the Barrington Tops, south-eastern Australia.
Cunninghamia 13: 337-351.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2013.010


Robert Kooyman, Maurizio Rossetto & Shawn Laffan 
Using Australian Virtual Herbarium data to find all the woody rain forest plants in Australia. 
Cunninghamia (2012) 12(3): 177-180.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2012.12.014

Dorothy M. Bell, John T. Hunter & Lisa Montgomery 
Ephemeral wetlands of the Pilliga Outwash, northwest NSW. 
Cunninghamia (2012) 12(3): 181-190.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2012.12.015

Robert Payne, Anita Chalmer & John Laxton 
Understanding the characteristics of a groundwater-dependent ecosystem: Eucalyptus parramattensis Woodland at Porters Creek Wetland, NSW. 
Cunninghamia (2012) 12(3): 191-211.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2012.12.016

Steve J Sinclair & Keshia Atchison 
The pre-colonial distribution of grasslands, woodlands and forests on the Werribee plains, Victoria. 
Cunninghamia (2012) 12(3): 213-227.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2012.12.017

Doug Benson 
The Grose Vale flora and the value of documenting botanically interesting sites. 
Cunninghamia (2012) 12(3): 229-238.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2012.12.018

R. F. Parsons  
The deliberate introduction to Australia of the shrub genus Pentzia (Asteraceae) and its subsequent persistence and spread. 
Cunninghamia (2012) 12(4) 239-246.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2012.12.019

O. Maguire, R.C. Armstrong, J.S. Benson, R. Streeter, C. Paterson, P. McDonald, N. Salter, M. East, M. Webster M. Sheahan, and D Young 
Using high resolution digital aerial imagery interpreted in a 3-D digital GIS environment to map predefined plant communities in central-southern New South Wales
Cunninghamia (2012) 12(4) 247-266.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2012.12.020
Folder 1 NSW VCA Plant community groups:
Arid Shrublands, Dry Sclerophyll Forest, Forested Wetlands, Freshwater Wetlands, Grasslands, Grassy Woodlands, Semi-arid Woodlands, Wet Sclerophyll Forests
Folder 2 Vegetation maps:
Ariah Park, Coolamon, Cootamundra, Junee, Lockhart, Narrandera, Tarcutta, Urana, Wagga Wagga, Walloroobie Range, Yanco, Yoogali

Doug Benson and Ian R. C. Baird 
Vegetation, fauna and groundwater interrelations in low nutrient temperate montane peat swamps in the upper Blue Mountains, New South Wales.
Cunninghamia (2012) 12(4) 267-307.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2012.12.021

Damian R. Michael and David B. Lindenmayer 
Vegetation structure and floristics of granite landforms in the South-west Slopes of New South Wales.
Cunninghamia (2012) 12(4) 309-323.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2012.12.022

Kevin Mills
The conservation reserve system in the South Coast Region of NSW looks impressive, but does it adequately conserve threatened plant species?
Cunninghamia (2012) 12(4): 325-337.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2012.12.023

M. Westbrooke, S. Gowans and M. Gibson
The vegetation of the Mount Murchison and Wilga areas,Paroo Darling National Park, western New South Wales.
Cunninghamia (2012) 12(4): 339-361.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2012.12.024

Fiona Coates and Arn Tolsma
The peat-forming spring wetlands of the Strathbogie plateau - floristics and environmental relationships.
Cunninghamia (2012) 12(4): 363-383.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2012.12.025

Margaret A. Wheeler
Comparing reproductive success in the rare sedge Gahnia insignis and the common Gahnia clarkei in north-east New South Wales. 
Cunninghamia (2012) 12(4): 385-388.
doi: 10.7751/cunninghamia.2012.12.026

I.R.K. Sluiter and K.R Sluiter
On the ecology, distribution and conservation status of Vittadinia blackii (Asteraceae) in Australia. 
Cunninghamia (2011) 12(1): 1-5.

M. Westbrooke, S. Gowans and M. Gibson 
The vegetation of the Coonavitra area, Paroo Darling National Park, western New South Wales. 
Cunninghamia (2011) 12(1): 7-27.

R.J. Williams, C.B. Allen and J. Kelleway 
Saltmarsh of the Parramatta River-Sydney Harbour: determination of cover and species composition including comparison of API and pedestrian survey. 
Cunninghamia (2011) 12(1): 29-43.

K. A. Johnson and P. B. McQuillan 
Comparative floral presentation and bee-pollination in two Sprengelia species (Ericaceae). 
Cunninghamia (2011) 12(1): 45-51.

W. Morgan  and C. Nield 
Contrasting effects of fire severity on regeneration of the dominant woody species in two coastal plant communities at Wilsons Promontory, Victoria. 
Cunninghamia (2011) 12(1): 53 - 60.

D. Benson 
Native plants of Sydney Harbour National Park: historical records and species lists, and their value for conservation monitoring. 
Cunninghamia (2011) 12 (1): 61 - 84.

J.R. Hosking, B. J. Conn, B. J. Lepschi and C. H. Barker 
Plant species first recognised as naturalised or naturalising for New South Wales in 2004 and 2005.
Cunninghamia (2011) 12 (1): 85-114.

John T. Hunter
A broad brush-stroke test of an assumption: does increasing Callitris cover reduce native species richness (species density)? 
Cunninghamia (2011) 12(1): 115.

Michael D. Doherty, Geoffrey Robertson, Danny Corcoran, and Genevieve Wright 
Cool Temperate Rainforest in the Pilot Wilderness Area, Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales: Distribution, composition and impact of the 2003 fires. 
Cunninghamia (2011) 12(2): 119.

Diane Warman and Doug Beckers
Status of the Vulnerable shrub Astrotrichacrassifolia (Araliaceae) in Brisbane Water National Park, NSW: an update. 
Cunninghamia (2011) 12(2): 129.

Tony D. Auld, Sue Bower and Ian Hutton
Assessing the conservation status of the grass Elymus multiflorus subsp. kingianus on Lord Howe Island, NSW. 
Cunninghamia (2011) 12(2): 137-142.

Stephen A.J. Bell and Mark Stables 
Floristic variability, distribution and an extension of range for the endangered Pittwater Spotted Gum Forest, Central Coast, New South Wales. 
Cunninghamia (2012) 12(2): 143-152.

Steve Sinclair and Paul Boon 
Changes in the area of coastal marsh in Victoria since the mid 19th century. 
Cunninghamia (2102)12 (2): 153-176.

Maps published as separate sheets indicated by #. 

Short contributions accepted for publication in Cunninghamia 11(3) are placed on the web in advance of the full issue.

Short Communication

R.F. Parsons (2010) 
Whipcord plants: a comparison of south-eastern Australia with New Zealand. 
Cunninghamia 11(3): 277-281.

Doug Benson & Lotte von Richter (2010) 
Recent ecological observations on growth rates and seed production in Isopogon rostratus (Proteaceae), a little-known prostrate shrub from south-eastern NSW and Victoria. 
Cunninghamia 11(3): 283-286.

Doug Beckers and Catherine A. Offord  (2010) 
Waratah theft in Brisbane Water National Park - An analysis of the blue paint poaching reduction program. 
Cunninghamia 11(3): 287-293.

Robert Payne, Ross Wellington and Michael Somervill (2010) 
Coastal sandplain vegetation at Brisbane Water and Broken Bay - reconstructing the past to plan for the future. 
Cunninghamia 11(3): 295-317.

S. McIntyre, J. Stol, J. Harvey, A. O. Nicholls, M. Campbell, A. Reid, A. D. Manning and D. Lindenmayer (2010) 
Biomass and floristic patterns in the ground layer vegetation of box-gum grassy eucalypt woodland in Goorooyarroo and Mulligans Flat Nature Reserves, Australian Capital Territory. 
Cunninghamia 11(3): 319-357.

M.G. Tozer, K. Turner, D.A. Keith, D. Tindall, C. Pennay, C.Simpson, B. MacKenzie, P. Beukers and S. Co (2010) 
Native vegetation of southeast NSW: a revised classification and map for the coast and eastern tablelands. 
Cunninghamia 11(3): 359-406.

Maps (click on location names)

Map Appendix
Araluen  Appendix 1
Batemans Bay  Appendix 2
Braidwood Appendix 3A
Burragorang  Appendix 3B
Goulburn Appendix 3C
Jervis Bay  Appendix 3D
Katoomba  Appendix 3E
Kiama  Appendix 3F
Moss Vale  Appendix 4
Penrith  Appendix 5
Port Hacking Appendix 6

Kevin Mills (2010)
Defining indigenous plants: some problematic species from Norfolk Island.
Cunninghamia 11(4): 409-412.

R.F. Parsons and Tatia M.Zubrinich (2010)
The green-leaved variant of Eucalyptus largiflorens: a story involving hybridization and observant local people.
Cunninghamia 11(4): 415-418.

I.R.K. Sluiter (2010)
On the distribution, ecology and conservation status of three rare plant taxa Zygophyllum compressum, Elachanth.
Cunninghamia 11(4): 419-424.

Tim Hager and Doug Benson (2010)
The Eucalypts of Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area: distribution, classification and habitats of the species of Eucalyptus, Angophora and Corymbia (family Myrtaceae) recorded in its eight conservation reserves.
Cunninghamia 11(4): 425-444.

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28 years of vegetation change (1978-2006) in a calcareous coastal dune system.
Cunninghamia 11(4): 445-456.

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New South Wales Vegetation classification and Assessment: Part 3 Plant communities of the 457 NSW Brigalow Belt South, Nandewar and west New England Bioregions and update of NSW Western Plains and South-western Slopes plant communities, Version 3 of the NSWVCA database.
Cunninghamia 11(4): 457-579.

Petrus C. Heyligers (2009)
Formation of, and succession on, Atriplex cinerea-induced dune ridges in the Entrance Point Scientific Reference Area, Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria.
Cunninghamia 11(1): 1-26.

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The vegetation of the Nepean Peninsula, Victoria - an historical perspective.
Cunninghamia 11(1): 27-47.

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The Carex Fen vegetation of northern New South Wales.
Cunninghamia 11(1): 49-64

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Association of five Austrodanthonia species (family Poaceae) with large and small scale environmental features in central western New South Wales.
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Four rural cemeteries in central western NSW: Islands of Australiana in a European sea?
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Plant strategies, dispersal and origins of flora at the northern Coral Sea Islands Territory, Australia.
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Distribution patterns, weed incursions and origins of terrestrial flora at the Capricorn-Bunker Islands, Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Cunninghamia 11(1): 107-121.

Stephen Harris, Justine Shaw and Nepelle Crane (2009)
Planning the integration of ex situ plant conservation in Tasmania.
Cunninghamia 11(1): 123-130.

P.J.Kubiak (2009)
Some fire responses of bushland plants after the January 1994 wildfires in northern Sydney.
Cunninghamia 11(1): 131-165.

Peter Coyne (2009)
Phormium tenax (New Zealand Flax) - Norfolk Island native? Cunninghamia11(2): 167-170.

Kevin Mills (2009)
Was Phormium tenax introduced to Norfolk Island by the Polynesians?
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The cushion plants of lowland southern Australia.
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Vegetation changes in Hexham Swamp, Hunter River, New South Wales, since the construction of floodgates in 1971.
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Monitoring vegetation change over 30 years: lessons from an urban bushland reserve in Sydney.
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Seed fill, viability and germination of NSW species in the family Rutaceae.
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Population diversity of Doryanthes excelsa (Doryanthaceae) in eastern Australia.
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Post-fire recovery of woody plants in the New England Tableland Bioregion.
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Vegetation and floristics of Columbey National Park, lower Hunter Valley, New South Wales.
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Flora of Stockton/Port Hunter sandy foreshores
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Montane lakes (lagoons) of the New England Tablelands
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Vegetation in Gibraltar Range, Washpool National parks
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Floristic and structure of Melaleuca virififlora woodlands
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The naturally-treeless grasslands of the Liverpool Plains
Cunnighamia (2008) 10(3): 407-421

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Dry rainforests of the western slopes of NSW
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Conservation status of Macrozamia johnsonii
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Rare or threatened vascular plant species of Wollemi National Park
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National Vegetation Information System in the Northern Territory
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Germination cures in a dry forest seed bank
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Lose the plot: cost-effective survey of the Peak Range, central Queensland
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Is 500m² an effective plot size for Queensland's vegetation?
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Treeless vegetation of the Australian Alps.
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Floristic variation in Sphagnum-dominated peatland communities of the Central Highlands, Victoria.
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Wallum on the Nabiac Pleistocene barriers, lower North Coast of New South Wales.
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Backdrop to encounter: the 1770 landscape of Botany Bay, the plants collected by Banks and Solander and rehabilitation of natural vegetation at Kurnell.
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Plant species first recognised as naturalised for New South Wales in 2002 and 2003, with additional comments on species recognised as naturalised in 2000–2001.
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The role of currents in the dispersal of introduced seashore plants around Australia.
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Plant composition of three woodland communities of variable condition in the western Riverina, New South Wales, Australia.
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Is there a close association between ‘soils’ and ‘vegetation’? A case study from central western New South Wales.
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The effect of population structure, plant size, herbivory and reproductive potential on effective population size in the temperate epiphytic orchid, Sarcochilus australis. 
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The natural distribution and ecology of Blandfordia cunninghamii (Blandfordiaceae). 
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African Olive (Olea europaea subsp. cuspidata) as an environmental weed in eastern Australia: a review. 
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Notes on the germination of the endangered species Sclerolaena napiformis (Chenopodiaceae).
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Native vegetation of the Southern Forests: South-east Highlands, Australian Alps, South-west Slopes and SE Corner bioregions.
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Vegetation and floristics of Warra National Park and Wattleridge, Northern Tablelands, NSW.
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Vegetation of Culgoa National Park, central northern New South Wales.
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The influence of vegetation structure and composition on invasibility by Pinus radiata in the Blue Mountains, NSW.
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Bridging a biogeographic Œgap¹: microfossil evidence for the quillwort Isoetes on the Cumberland Plain west of Sydney during the early Colonial period.
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Rediscovery of Ooline, Cadellia pentastylis, near Gunnedah: notes on the habitat and ecology of this dry rainforest tree.
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Floristics and distribution of Wattle Dry Sclerophyll Forests and Scrubs in north-eastern New South Wales.
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Is there a diel pattern to nectar secretion in the Red Bloodwood Corymbia gummifera?
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(2006) Foreword.
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Corrigendum - re Cunninghamia 7(2) p. 193: 611.

Robert Brown Conference Papers

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Robert Brown 200: Introduction. 
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George Caley – Robert Brown’s collecting partner. 
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Robert Brown and the naturalised flora of Australia. 
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Cumberland Plain Woodland ecology then and now: interpretations and implications from the work of Robert Brown and others. 
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Rarity, rare plant species and the New South Wales Threatened Species Conservation Act – conservation opportunities and challenges. 
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Other papers

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A preliminary overview of what is reserved in the Inverell and Yallaroi Shires, North Western Slopes, NSW. 
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Comparative population studies in two Cissus species (Vitaceae) across fragmented and undisturbed rainforest habitats. 
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Map: Natural Vegetation of the Wallerawang area front and back

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