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Foraging and habitat ecology of the Yellow-tailed black-cockatoo

Jessica Rooke (Honours) Prof Richard Kingsford Dr Kate Brandis Dr John Martin 
Project sponsors:
Centennial Parklands
Project partners:
University of New South Wales

Project aims

  • Assess the foraging behaviour and preferences of Yellow-tailed black-cockatoo;
  • Assess the roosting habitat preferences of Yellow-tailed black-cockatoo;
  • Assess inter- and intra-species interactions;

Project Summary

Very little is known about the movement behaviour of Yellow-tailed black-cockatoos and the mechanisms driving this behaviour. This study aims to assess birds movements within the Sydney region and the foraging resources thought to be an important driver of this species distribution. Given the changes to the environment of the Sydney region, including the avian species composition, this study will also assess competition and behavioural interactions within and between Yellow-tailed black-cockatoos and other species.

Research Update

Cockatoos tracking with GPS transmitters commencing early 2016