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Urban adaptation and ecology of the vulnerable Powerful owl (Ninox strenua)

Start date:
01 Jan 2016
Dr Holly Parsons A/Prof Dieter Hochuli Dr John Martin
Project sponsors:
City of Sydney matching grant, Royal Botanic Garden & Domain Trust 
Project partners:
Birdlife Australia, University of Sydney

Project aims

  • Assess foraging behaviour, prey preferences and movements;
  • Assess roosting behaviour, aiming to provide supplementary nesting habitat;

Project Summary

With the aid of citizen scientists the Birdlife Powerful Owl Project has provided a wealth of information, key findings include: the fledgling success rate (1.22 chicks), seasonal prey variability (breeding vs non-breeding) and a habitat assessment including the matrix of niche characteristics and prey composition (Bain et al. 2014).

The Birdlife Powerful Owl Project provides an excellent on-going assessment of the presence of owls and their breeding success. This project aims to complement this citizen science project by assessing owl behaviour in the high density Sydney City area.