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Adjust work practices to reflect risk

Human activities cause the most significant, rapid and widespread distribution of Phytophthora Dieback. Any activity that moves soil, water or plant material, or alters the natural movement of water, could spread the disease. Soil can be moved inadvertently or deliberately.

Examples of inadvertent movement of soil or plant material during work or recreation are by:

  • footwear, clothing, backpacks, tent pegs, walking sticks
  • companion and work animals (dogs, cats, horses)
  • stock movement
  • tools and equipment
  • machinery and vehicles, including off road driving, motorbikes & bicycles or soil in the foot area of vehicles.

Work activities likely to create movement of soil, water and plant material include:

  • road & track construction
  • earth moving
  • controlling water movement
  • mulching
  • revegetation
  • bush regeneration
  • plant propagation
  • forestry
  • pest and weed management
  • fire fighting activities

Prevent introduction and minimise the spread to unaffected areas by: controlling the movement of soil, plant material and water by:

  • planning and modifying activities and work practices
    • develop management plans, work protocols and contracts to manage risk of Phytophthora Dieback
    • avoid activities when soil is wet and muddy
    • control water runoff, including from roads & tracks
    • maintain roads & tracks regularly to control water movement and to reduce pooling
  • controlling access
    • provide designated parking facilities
    • install, label and use roads, tracks or boardwalks
    • introduce quarantine areas and buffer zones (fencing, barriers)
  • adopting hygiene procedures
    • ensure shoes, tyres and equipment are free of soil at the start and end of an activity
    • install cleaning bays/wash-down areas for vehicles and machinery
    • provide spray bottles with 70% methylated spirits diluted with water to disinfect tools while working
    • install footwear cleaning stations (footbaths with quaternary ammonium based disinfectant or spray bottles with 70% methylated spirits diluted with water to disinfect shoes & tools)