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Plant Identification & Botanical Information Service

We provide a comprehensive plant identification and botanical information service either over-the-counter (open weekdays 10 am to 1 pm) or by fax or mail. We also provide general botanical information including current scientific names of plants and details on the distribution of NSW plants. 

To determine the best way to prepare your specimens for identification please see Collecting Plant Specimens


Free Identification

For up to 12 specimens (or four hours work) per year for members of the public and Foundation & Friends members, after which commercial rates apply. 
Note: please restrict your enquiry to no more than 12 specimens at any one time

Minimum ChargeOver the counter - $22
Mail - $44
Plant IdentificationsPer specimen - $22
Partial identification of confirmation - $11
Consulting Fee$140-$220/hour depending on the complexity of the job
Urgent EnquiriesEnquiries requiring immediate attention are charged at a rate of 50% more than standard enquiries

Note: Inquirers with new, important or quality specimen(s) that we can add to the Herbarium collection, will not incur a fee for identification of the specimen(s).

Download the Botanical Information Service Enquiry Form (PDF)

Contact Us

Botanical Information Service (open weekdays 10 am to 1 pm)
National Herbarium of NSW
Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust
Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney 2000

Fax: 02 9251 1952

For urgent identification inquiries (e.g. poisonous plants) please call (02) 9231 8111 or contact the Poisons Information Centre on 131 126.