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Susan Rutherford

Susan Rutherford

Technical Officer and PhD student
Phone: (02) 9231 8144
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Research Interests:

My research interests center on evolutionary biology with a focus on the evolution of eucalypts. I am using new genetic techniques in combination with morphological, functional trait and environmental data to address questions concerning speciation, adaptation, phenotypic plasticity and species boundaries.

Currently, I am working on my PhD, which investigates speciation in the green ash eucalypts (in Eucalyptus subgenus Eucalyptus). I am also working as a technical officer on a number of other projects.

My background was in plant ecophysiology and I continue to work with collaborators on the water relations of the wallum vegetation of the North Coast (NSW). 

Current Projects:

Adaptive variation versus vicariance: what drives speciation in Eucalyptus?

Population genomics of Eucalyptus tetrapleura and other closely related and co-occurring ironbarks

Biodiversity Adaptation Transect Sydney (BATS)