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Report a Bird

Report your bird sighting

The tagging of wildlife is conducted as joint research between the Royal Botanic Garden and other institutions (e.g. University of Sydney, Australian Museum). Our aim is to assess the size of study populations, and individuals' site-loyalty and movements within (and beyond) the study region. We will also investigate wildlife behaviour, particularly in association with breeding.

If you see tagged wildlife, please report the tag number with the Wingtags app - even if you see the same bird every day, we're interested.

Our mission is to understand the ecology of wildlife populations. Gaining a greater understanding of wildlife ecology means that we are better able to live alongside native wildlife in general. Planning for both humans and wildlife in cities, agricultural and bush habitats is important for conserving the diversity of our native wildlife.

If you see a Cockie, Ibis or Brush Turkey with a wingtag please report the tag number and colour using the Wingtags iPhone/Android app or via email. You can also forward us pictures of the tagged birds that you have observed. To email your sighting to us, please see the species pages: Sulphur-crested CockatooAustralian White Ibis; Brush Turkey.