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Report a Turkey

Thanks for contributing your observations! You are helping to increase our understanding of Brush-turkey’s in the greater Sydney region.

With your help we are learning more about:

  1. the distribution of turkeys,
  2. the timing and location of mound building,
  3. the timing of mating and egg laying,
  4. the timing of chicks hatching,
  5. the location of roosts, and
  6. the location of birds marked with wingtags.

We encourage you to provide repeat observations (e.g. as comments) about different behaviours, and to report marked birds via the Wingtags app available on Android and iPhone.

Sighting of a Brush-turkey

Nest Mound

Nocturnal Roost

Bird marked with a Wingtag

If yes, please submit sightings via the Wingtags app

Thanks for contributing your observations!