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Behavioural adaptations of urban-living brush turkeys

The Australian Brush turkey is becoming an increasingly common sight along the east coast of Australia. But for a bird with zero parental care, relatively poor flying ability, and a haphazard attitude to danger, the factors driving the surprising spread and survival of Brush turkeys in urban areas are still largely a mystery.

Brush turkeys are found  from Cape York in the north, to the Illawarra in the south, and present a fascinating case study for examining how the behavioural traits of a colonising species adapt in response to urbanisation.

Understanding how Brush-turkeys utilise the different habitats and resources available in urban environments is critical to the management of the species and will improve scientific understanding of how wildlife adapts to a changing environment. 

Dr Alicia Burns from the Behavioural Studies Unit at Taronga Conservation Society Australia presents her findings in the video below.