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Saving our Species

Strategic decisions and opportunities: science for Saving our Species

Making decisions isn’t easy – New South Wales has over 1000 threatened species and communities; how do we use the resources available to make the biggest difference for the most species?

Saving our Species is the New South Wales government’s flagship framework for Threatened Species Conservation. Since its inception, cost-effective conservation has been one of the program’s core values. Yet, conservation decisions are among the most difficult to make – they are frequently characterised by a lack of information, and the stakes are very high, with potential extinction an ever-present worry. This has led Saving our Species to engage decision scientists and environmental modelling teams in a number of collaborative projects to answer common conservation questions, such as “which sites will provide the best security for species over the long term?” and “where should we invest limited resources across the state to benefit the most threatened species?” The results are tools that can be shared and used across the state, with the aim of maximising the impact for threatened species and communities. Come along and learn about tools like Site Centaur, Conservation Hotspots, DiversiPhy and others, and the cutting-edge research that is supporting resource allocation across New South Wales.

Dr Stephanie Stuart from the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment presented her work in a seminar at The Calyx, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney on Tuesday, 18 May 2021. Watch this seminar again in the video below.

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