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National and international rainforest conservation collaboration

Working together in the conservation of the world’s rainforests

Our experts work with other scientists around the world to determine the most efficient way to fight the ever-growing list of dangers facing our rainforests and wider environment. Among the projects, we contribute to are the below rainforest conservation collaborations.

Rainforest seed conservation project

Helmed by our Principal Research Scientist Dr Cathy Offord, the Rainforest Seed Conservation Project has an enormous global potential. The project involves research into the storability of seeds from Australian species. As we come to understand the most effective ways to bank these seeds, we are opening doors to seed conservation around the world.

Wollemi Pine conservation program

The Wollemi Pine is one of the most significant botanical discoveries of our time. Once thought to be millions of years extinct, this lconifer has transformed what we know about our fragile ecosystems. Our team of experts have partnered with conservation groups around Australia to understand and conserve this endangered species.

Millennium Seedbank

The Millennium Seedbank is the world’s largest seed bank in the world. The main seed bank is part of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in the UK, but is a partnership with 120 plant research institutes and seed banks in 54 countries around the world. Our team at the Australian PlantBank NSW has worked for many years with the Millennium Seedbank to share our knowledge, research and expertise with this international conservation effort.