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Rainforest medicine and technology

The natural medicinal qualities of the Australian bush

For many thousands of years, the traditional custodians of our country have used, fostered and benefited from the wonderfully diverse plant life Australia has to offer. What many don’t realise is that this luscious rainforest and bushland is actually rich with healing properties. Our rainforests have any number of medicinal benefits in dire need of preserving and revitalising. Our research experts spend a great deal of time in the field, analysing, documenting and discovering the many benefits of Australia’s flora.

The Blushwood tree – a possible treatment for cancer

An extract called EBC-46, which is taken from its seeds has shown to reduce the effects of cancer. There are even cases, where tumours have disappeared and not returned. Research and trials continue.

The healing nature of our oils

Tea tree oil has been used by Aboriginal people as an antiseptic to heal open wounds and soothe throats. It wasn’t until the 1920s that the rest of Australia caught on and realised how valuable it really is.
Eucalyptus oil is another oil found in the Australian rainforest that heals and soothes. Its properties have long since been celebrated and commercialised.

Emu bush – antibiotics of the bush           

Research has revealed emu bush to have the same strength as antibiotics and some scientists have made a push to start using it as a steriliser.

Rainforest Conservation Project

One of our biggest projects is the Rainforest Seed Conservation Project. Helmed by our Principal Research Scientist at our Australian PlantBank, this project is designed to understand, collect and restore this ever crucial ecosystem. More and more we are coming to understand the rich health benefits and medicinal qualities.