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Rainforest plants to grow at home

Taste the tropics, no matter where you live

When we think of the rainforest, it conjures up visions of towering green forest, dripping with colour and life nestled in the far reaches of the tropics. A fantasy holiday destination a far cry from the hustle of inner city life. We have a stunning bite of the rainforest at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, managed by an extraordinary team of horticulturalists. You too can taste the tropics, wherever you are.  

Powderpuff Lilly Pilly

These are a lovely vibrant rainforest plant, with bright scarlet flowers and white edible fruit. They require partial sunlight and is an evergreen that attracts birdlife year round.

Walking Stick Palm

This tropical plant can be found all throughout our subtropical rainforests. They have a lovely orange fruit that is edible and can thrive with partial sunlight so would do wonderfully on your balcony or courtyard.

Native Ginger – tasty addition to your garden

Whether you want to eat them fresh or add a little flavour to your cooking, this is an easy and gorgeous plant to keep at home. They can survive in light to full shade and can be grown indoors.

Wollemi Pine – the dinosaur tree

A project close to our heart is the preservation of Australia’s own living fossil, the Wollemi Pine. Our team of experts manage a number of conservation and research projects to protect and rejuvenate this fascinating plant. One of those projects is selling the pines to the general public.
You can have your own piece of history in your backyard. Just remember, it’s a relatively large species, so with this special plant, you do need a little more space.